Why Strimo?

Strimo brings your people, processes and data together so you can accelerate and scale.

Historically, cannabis businesses used various manual tools and point-solutions that resulted in isolated workflows and created separate, static silos of data.

The industry is now experiencing rapid consolidation, commoditization and regulation. Strimo anticipated this market evolution and its platform allows you to look farther ahead, move faster and accelerate gains.


Strimo’s platform empowers you to unlock the value of the insight needed to make informed decisions that optimize your business and financial performance.


Your business depends on many separate workflows and Strimo enables seamless control of all cultivation, dispensary, extraction and manufacturing processes.


Strimo’s open API provides easy data connectivity with retail, financial, supply chain, testing, environmental and compliance systems, applications and data.


Your business demands 100% compliance and Strimo is built to handle all aspects of QA/QC, regulatory compliance and testing to effectively mitigate risk.


Strimo’s platform empowers informed decisions across the complex ecosystem and the entire value chain.


About Strimo

Strimo is the “first-to-market” enterprise SaaS platform that assists your business to drive scale, mitigate risk, manage compliance and deliver results.

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As you anticipate the commoditization of cannabis, leading operators seek enterprise-level solutions that provide visibility across the entire organization and value chain to support informed decisions and drive optimal performance.

Strimo’s leadership has deep experience in both the cannabis and technology industries. Leveraging this experience, the vision for the Strimo platform recognizes the challenges of an emerging marketplace and the need to easily adapt to evolving business drivers and shifting requirements.