The Top Priority for Your Business

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For any entrepreneurs or business owner trying to be successful in the cannabis industry, the number one priority should be 100% compliance. With the vast amount of laws and regulations that cannabusinesses face, compliance is a must in order to keep your business running.

The best step your business can take towards fulfilling these compliance requirements is investing in an effective seed to sale tracking system. Technology is playing a crucial role in increasing acceptance for the industry.

To avoid any issues with federal regulation, your business must be completely compliant at municipal and state levels.

There are many state and municipal agencies that your business should be aware of. This list may include, the Department of Food and Agriculture, the Department of Pesticide Regulation, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and many more.

At the federal level, there is also the IRS, Department of Labor, the EPA, the Consumer Protection Act, and many others.

The cannabis industry is becoming one of the most regulated industries. Professionalism and proper business practices will keep your business from being shut down. Having an effective ERP software like Strimo will provide your business with the tools you need for 100% compliance. The software is designed to track ever step so your business can evaluate any noncompliance or fraud risks so they can be resolved as quickly as possible.

As the cannabis industry is advancing, so should your business management paltform. Contact Strimo today to maximize your profits.

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