Strimo Launches new Podcast “In the Weeds” Hosted by Radio Entrepreneurs

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CEO of Strimo, Jacques Santucci Releases “In the Weeds” Podcast Hosted by Radio Entrepreneurs

Natick, MA |

Jacques Santucci of Strimo, a business performance software platform helping serious cannabis operators go beyond seed-to-sale discusses Strimo’s applications as to how they are developed for unique needs within the cannabis industry with host Alex Cooper and Walter Sullivan from Radio Entrepreneurs. For full podcast click Here.

Walter Sullivan, also an attornery at Preti Flaherty  spoke with Jacques as he explained how Strimo tracks your cultivation operation from seed to sale, Santucci said “ there wasn’t a software that catered to what the industry truly needed.” He implemented this idea and began creating Strimo’s software to track business performance.

Strimo’s Software at Work:

Manufacturing: Strimo tracks your manufacturing and batch management from seed to sale. The plant traceability functions will help you track each stage of your plant’s growth cycle, while accounting for your raw materials and quantity on hand. With batch management functionality, you’ll also be able to track your various strains separately throughout the grow cycle.

Accounting: Strimo is a fully integrated accounting package that offers enterprise level financial reporting. Our solution meets GAAP and Auditing Board compliance standards, which is unrivaled in the cannabis industry. Organize your financials by department and build reports based on journal postings, purchase orders, invoices, cash management, and more.

Dispensary: Strimo manages your dispensary inventory, patients, clients, and POS through every phase of the supply chain. Having a cannabis-specific POS solution will give you the ability to manage inventory and sales across many different dispensary locations. Bar Code Data Collection functionality enables you to collect data from all incoming and outgoing transactions, ensuring you stay compliant.

Compliance: Strimo is built to exceed regulatory compliance standards for state and federal Government Agencies, and delivers individual and aggregated reports for all of your financial data. Unalterable custody tracking and time stamps provide auditors with real-time and reliable data.

Strimo provides a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for your cannabusiness. Having an integrated solution will ensure all of your important data is in one place, updated in real-time, and easily reportable for your business owners and Government Agencies.

What are you waiting for? Contact Strimo today to start growing more, tracking more, selling more, and staying compliant in this ever-competitive industry.

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