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The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly and so should your perception of a business performance platform.

From personal growth to goal-setting, it’s no secret that resolving to “do better” is a challenging task. It’s much the same when making decisions about your business. Whether to keep implementing the same technologies, invest in innovation, or just simply to maintain the same processes, these decisions can make or break the functionality throughout your organization.

Because every company is unique, there’s no single indicator that can suggest you need a business performance software solution. However, discovering inefficiencies and road blocks in current business processes may suggest converting to an business performance software system. In these following tips, we will briefly cover why the implementation of a business software will grow your canna-business in 2019.

#1: Recognizing the need for a new business performance platform

The most important aspect before implementing a new software system into your organization is understanding the strategy of your business processes. Focusing on the people and operations rather than the technology will give you insight as to what the core issues are, and what the software can resolve. Whether your organization is struggling with accurate data from sales, inventory costing or accurate accounting information, it can trigger a ripple effect on everything from marketing to payroll, from investment to employee retention. Once realizing these symptoms are occurring in your business, you must get the proper controls and systems in place before it’s too late.

#2: Understanding what a new software platform can do for your cannabis business

Although the regulation of marijuana still seems to be a topic of uncertainty, the development of technology surrounding the industry is constantly growing. If you’re a serious cannabis operator and you need a software system for your manufacturing and cultivation operations, Strimo is what your company needs to stay compliant.

A business performance platform is used to organize business tasks throughout an organization in a cohesive software program. These essential management tools include planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, costing, finance, etc. By combining management of these departments into a connected program, businesses can realize operational efficiency and profitability by lowering costs and decreasing waste in time, labor, and inventory.

#3: Beginning Your Search

Once recognizing that a business performance solution is what your business needs to make it to the next level, it is time to begin serious planning around the selection of your software provider. After assessing the pain points within your current business processes, you must make time to undertake an honest top-to-bottom look at all your current administrative tasks. Think of this as a shopping list that you will be referencing as you evaluate ERP options.

  • Create an RFP: Putting your needs into words will help create a framework for your software needs. This allows your business to be more satisfied with the answers from potential software companies. Be thorough in outlining your needs to shape the kind of product you need to receive because this will determine the future of your company.
  • Evaluate Objectively: This is where your prior planning pays off, with a good scoring matrix and good search methodology. This should be an easy assessment of your requirements in search of the best fit business software solution. Its important to keep your employees at all levels of the company to be involved. Empowering them in this process will ensure fluid decision making.
  • Prepare and Lead the Transition: Once selecting the software solution that fits your cannabis business the best, now it is time for implementation. The beginning stages involve technological transitions of data across the entire organization. To ensure a successful implementation you must have employees prepared for the transition.


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