Why You Need Seed to Sale Technology

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You’re a serious cannabusiness owner, and you need a software system for your cultivation operation. Are you tracking your raw materials through to finished products? We have an all-in-one software solution that can help you track your operation from seed to sale. With manufacturing, accounting, and dispensary modules, Strimo Solutions will help you keep your important data in one place and ensure your business is compliant.

Strimo tracks your cultivation operation from seed to sale. During the manufacturing process, Strimo will track each stage of plant growth from seed, to cultivation, to vegetation, to flower. With batch management functionality, you’ll also be able to track your various strains separately throughout the grow cycle.

The Strimo manufacturing module includes quality assurance and quality control tools, so that you can test through each stage of your plant’s life cycle. This will help you guarantee a quality product after every harvest.

Having a Bill of Materials will ensure you stay compliant through your marijuana growing process. The Bill of Materials function enables you to track your raw materials and quantity on hand, so that you have full visibility into your inventory and costing during the entire cultivation process.

Strimo Solutions provides a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for your cannabusiness. Having a complete solution will ensure all of your important data is in one place, updated in real-time, and easily reportable for your business owners and Government Agencies.

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