Cannabis Innovation

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Although regulation of marijuana still seems to be a topic of uncertainty, the development of new technology surrounding the industry is as strong as ever. Entrepreneurs and investors are making moves into in the industry every day.

The typical use of medical and recreational marijuana is not what it was five years ago. Methods of purchasing and consumption have evolved for more efficiency and ease of use for the consumer. Flower sales have decreased substantially while other products like vaporizers and edibles have increased by numbers upwards of 400%.

Popular brands like PAX have created high tech vaporizers that are sleek, portable, and very discreet. In California, a new company called Eaze, nicknamed the “Uber of weed” have even created a delivery service for vaporizers and cartridges.

Advancements in the technology sector for marijuana as well as many other sectors will continue to see growth and innovation in the years to come.

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