Your software platform to manage business performance

Beyond Seed-To-Sale

Strimo is an ERP software focused on empowering the serious cannabis operators to manage business performance by offering best-in-class proven tools to improve data collection, streamline efficiencies, and manage growth and performance.

Ideal for a growing company, including those operating in a multi-site or multi-state environment, Strimo is a secure cloud-based solution,  integrating cultivation, manufacturing, accounting and dispensary management, on one platform.

Developed by cannabis industry leaders and pioneers, Strimo enables operators to optimize workflow and maximize margins through fully integrated accounting, manufacturing tracking and costing, point of sale, audit-grade compliance as well as KPI analytics, collecting data organically, from internal or third-party systems.


Take control over your entire process, cultivation, extraction, packaging. Track your batch manufacturing. Explore


Meeting GAAP, SSAE16, ISAE accounting and audit standards. Manage your organization’s finances. Explore

Point of Sale

Segment and engage with customers naturally and with ease. Total visibility into your sales and customers. Explore


Designed to exceed standards. Ensure your organization is compliant with laws and regulations. Explore


Strimo tracks your manufacturing and batch management from seed to sale. The plant trace ability functions will help you track each stage of your growth cycle, from cultivation to vegetation to flower as well as extraction process and packaging.

The Strimo Manufacturing suite also includes QA/QC tracking tools for every stage of your plant life cycle and lot tracking through to packaged goods, allowing you to guarantee a quality product after every harvest.

Having a Bill of Materials will ensure you stay compliant through your cannabis growing process, enabling you to track your raw materials and quantity on hand. Strimo also gives you full visibility into your costing throughout the manufacturing process.

The fully integrated suite aggregates data real time into useful and functional reports for the serious cannabusiness owner and Government Agencies.

  • Plant Tracking
  • Ingredient & Cost Tracking
  • Record Management


Strimo Accounting module offering enterprise level financial reporting. Our system meets GAAP and Auditing Board standards which is unrivaled in the cannabis industry. Strimo is designed for both horizontal and vertically integrated operations to ensure stay on budget and remain compliant from seed to sale and beyond. The platform is infused in all day to day operations with real time reports and dashboards for budget and cost management. A custom built Chart of Accounts organizes financials by department and location to track revenue, assets, and expenses. Our system is built to assist with 280E compliance and benefit.

Our Strimo Specialists provide training and project management during the project set up to ensure a smooth transition during a conversion from an existing system or launching new operations.
Including hands-on training for financial reporting and developing reports for journal posting, purchase order, invoices and cash management.

While the cannabis industry becomes more widely accepted, it will inevitably become more highly regulated. You need to trust that your software meets or exceeds industry compliance and reporting standards.

  • SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 compliant
  • GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) compliant
  • IFRP (International Financial Reporting Standards) compliant
  • 280 E Reporting optimized


Strimo manages your dispensary inventory, patients, and POS through every phase of the supply chain.
A cannabis specific Point of Sale gives you the ability to manage your data in multiple locations.

Intuitive interface and modern hardware. Barcode Data Collection functionality enables you to collect data from all incoming and outgoing transactions.
Strimo Patient Management tools allow you to document all purchases and keep track of your sales by patient, by location, by employee and other levels, and also allow you

to create user accounts and customized labels for your buyers.
With real-time inventory, cost and sales tracking and reporting features, Strimo provides the user with the information needed to create and assess demand projections of registered qualifying patients to the highest accuracy.
The email marketing suite allows for direct marketing to specific consumer segments based on demographic and buying patterns.

  • Customer Profiles
  • Limit Tracking, Inventory Management
  • Cash Management
  • Email Marketing Suite


Strimo is built to exceed regulatory compliance for State and local governments while delivering individual and aggregated reports. Our unalterable custody tracking and time stamps provide operators and oversight agencies the credible and reliable information to ensure the manufacturing, processing, disposal and transportation of cannabis monitored real time. Government Agencies have full transparency into operations and sales at the individual and aggregate levels.

Built in features prevent overselling and diversion of cannabis. Inventory control and detection methods safeguard cannabis throughout its manufacturing process and point of sale with unique plant identifiers and custody tracking.

  • Built in discrepancy alerts
  • Un-alterable Name, Date and Time
  • Records Management, Reporting