About Strimo

Our Team has been involved in the legal cannabis industry as operators and advisors since 2010. We have been at the tip of the spear of this emerging industry and the Strimo platform was designed from practices from lead manufacturers and retailers.
Our competition talks about Seed-to-Sale, but that idea was created in the infancy of the industry to specifically address state tracking compliance. As the industry has matured so has the need for a true ERP solution, build by operators to fuse GAAP level accounting compliance with manufacturing costing and industry leading POS.
Strimo is a platform that offers manufacturing, accounting and dispensary management for the serious cannabis operator, aggregating all data points into a continuous integrated stream that flows from all aspects of the operation. Our Secure Cloud-based solution allows operators to optimize the workflow and maximize their margins, through a series of modules that includes Accounting, Manufacturing Tracking and Costing, Point of Sale and Audit-grade Compliance.

One Platform to manage your business performance

  • Dispensary

    Point of Sale with Forecasting Tools and Marketing Functionality.

  • Accounting

    GAAP and Audit Compliant with Non-Alterable User Controls. Control your margins in detail.

  • Manufacturing

    Cultivation, Extraction, Packaging, Wholesale. Powerful, organic data collection and reporting eliminates the need for spreadsheets.

  • Compliance

    Full business management suite with complete state compliance.

Founded in 2017, Strimo has developed a unique approach to data management for the growing cannabis industry.    As founders, operators and advisors of several marijuana companies over the past decade, from Maine to Hawaii and from Florida to Massachusetts, our founders realized the need for a technology solution that would allow business owners and stakeholders to better manage their business performance, seize the current market opportunity and be in full compliance with regulatory authorities. 

With the recent trend towards large-scale cultivation and manufacturing production centers driving margins down in several states that do not have limits on the number of operators, business owners and investors are seeing more need for better cost analysis and financial reporting.   Strimo was created for you.


Strimo Beyond Seed-to-Sale

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